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I am absolutely thrilled with the incredible work Marc and Dino did in transforming my new home into a stunning oasis! Their expertise, creativity, and attention to detail are truly exceptional. From conceptualization to completion, they guided me through the entire renovation process with professionalism, patience, and a keen understanding of my vision.

The final result is a breathtakingly beautiful space that exceeds my expectations in every way. Marc has a rare gift for balancing aesthetics, functionality, and personal taste, resulting in a home that is both gorgeous and livable. Dino was absolutely spot on in choosing the perfect colour tones for the house.

I can’t recommend Marc and Dino enough! If you’re looking for an interior designer who will bring your dreams to life, look no further. Their dedication, passion, and talent will make your renovation journey a joy from start to finish. Thank you, Marc and Dino, for creating my forever home!

Valen L.

We are so happy to have engaged Icon Interior Design to renovate our first home. Special thanks to our ID Wayne and Clement for making the whole experience a very pleasant one. Their attention to detail and service have exceeded our expectation. We bought a resale unit and we changed all the tiles, hacked the walls, rewired the house, installed false ceilings, redo the whole kitchen, 2 bathrooms and built a walk-in wardrobe. We were in a rush to move in within 8 weeks. It was a very tight schedule for this extensive renovation but they made it happen. When we encountered problems or found defects in the house, they were quick to resolve the issues. Clement is always reachable and is fast to attend to our queries and requests. There is no hard selling and they are honest and transparent with their quotes. They are very experienced IDs and the workmanship is impeccable. We are very impressed with the result. We highly recommend them to anyone and would engage their services again in the future.

Kai Yong

As we have a tight budget and a relatively complex requirement to utilise our small space, we visited about 10 IDs before settling with Dan. Dan was able to explain the design plans that showed he understood what we were looking for clearly. Dan’s carpentry and false ceiling work were at a very good quality. Dan was flexible to support us in our needs, such that we had a series of meetups throughout the renovation. There have been challenges throughout the renovation, but we appreciate Dan being able to resolve the problems when we raised it. Thanks a lot to Dan for helping us materialise our vision.


Loved their ideas and design.

Even with a simple floor plan drawing without seeing the actual unit, they wen t through the thinking processes and emphasized the visual and usability. We had our current home done by them and 8 years later, the design, quality, and craftmanship still last.

We will engage them for our new home and strongly recommend their services.

Kenn Tan

We had a wonderful experience working with Karen from Icon Interior.

As this is our second house, we already know more or less what we want when selecting an ID. After sourcing around, we came to Icon Interior and met Karen. We went through the brief and she helped us to eliminate the unnecessaries to cut down the cost. What we like about her is her no-nonsense, straight to the point attitude and she doesn’t sugar-coat her words. Exactly what we are looking for to get things done.

If you are looking for an ID, it is likely that you don’t have the time to supervise and micro-manage the renovation. We placed our trust on Karen to manage the whole project for us and she executed the project wonderfully. We don’t really visit the site often due to our busy schedule, she understands it and updates us through WhatsApp regularly. She runs the project autonomously and makes the trivial decisions herself, updating us throughout the project. She will still get our opinions when it comes to important decisions.

Major decisions or material selection are done in face-to-face meet ups or via telephone calls.

Designs and portfolios can be easily replicated but executing a project well takes years of experience. In the end, Karen completed our renovation earlier than what we expected and interestingly the end result is quite close to the 3D render. We are happy with the result.


First time renovating a house and decided to inquire with Icon Interior Design due to a recommendation from a friend.

Special thanks to Wayne who is very knowledgeable and patient with my partner and me (we are both new and inexperienced as it is our first time renovating our new home). Wayne took the time to understand our needs and requirement and thereafter provided recommendations and explained his recommendations to us. We learnt alot from Wayne on the various theme/design out there. He also provided alternatives/other solutions to help cut down on the cost.

The quotation was reasonable and we felt at ease with Wayne, so we decided to engage Icon Interior Design as our ID.

The whole process was a breeze, and we like the fact that Wayne provided frequent update on the state of our renovation. While there are some hiccups here and there, Wayne would be there to address the hiccups/our concerns and remedied the situation.

Ours is not a big project but the service/workmanship/quality provided by Wayne and his team was top-notch.

Would definitely recommend Wayne and his team to anyone who may be looking for an ID, especially if you are new to this. We are very happy and satisfied with our new home.

Margaret Nonis

“It’s always the people that makes the company.” I quote. This was what I told Wayne and Dino of Icon Interior for the amazing journey of our new home.

My husband and I discovered Icon Interior through a recommendation of our good friend.

After the first visit with Wayne and Dino, we were sure and confident that they could deliver, and obviously they did!

It’s never a perfect journey with designing a new home and renovating it to our expectations. Everyone knows that. However, the little, nitty- gritty setbacks were the ones that I definitely want to commend them for.

Action taken was swift and the little nitty – gritty issues were handled with the most positive approach and professionally attended too, in a timely manner.

My new home was ready ahead of schedule, by 2 days, and no major hiccups at all!

In a nutshell, it is truly the people that makes the company and my husband and I would like to thank Wayne and Dino of Icon Interior for their dedication, inspiration and for giving us the most cosy and beautiful design that we now call Home!

Fred and Margaret

Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

Living room design, Lighting design, Home decor selection, Cabinetry & hardware design, Bedroom design, Interior decorating, Space Planning

Choy Kai Wen

Marc combines design with practicality, and could understand my needs and offer sensible advice on what works and what would not. He was also able to reliably complete the project during the pandemic without breaking the bank. Besides the renovation, he also offered advice on decor, where to buy furniture and fittings, and things I needed to know as a first time home owner. He was friendly, patient and approachable, and I enjoyed working with him. It has been 6 months since I moved in and everything is well.

Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

Service not listed

Mountain Warrior

Icon was selected by the missus and me after a few selection phases. We read internet reviews and picked 6 companies. I contacted them and had a series of phone conversations and then finalize 2 out of the 6. We went through design and quote drafts with the 2 shortlisted companies. Both were great in their design ideas. We were looking for functional ID and solutions to our needs. Finally! The price. Icon was finally picked as they were able to meet our demands at the budget that we were comfortable with. Jason Lee was the appointed project lead. He had Zac to assist him. The missus and I enjoyed working with the team. Not everything was perfect, but when matters were escalated, Jason and Zac would step up to remedy mistakes or tackle challenges. We would be getting responses from them almost immediately and at most time of day (or night). At times, we may have some delays but when escalated, Jason will step up the plate and get things in motion! We completed our project on time. Deliverables were as promised. As with all projects, one can never guarantee 100% but if there were any issues, Jason and team were ready to provide after sales service. I am totally convinced with Icon and its team. Well done guys. We salute and thank you for keeping all the good work!!

Audrey and James

Responsiveness, Punctuality, Professionalism, Value

Room planning, Dining room design, Living room design, Closet design, Lighting design, Kitchen design, Interior painting, Cabinetry & hardware design, Bedroom design, Interior decorating, Space Planning


We wanted to give a shout out to Lixuan, whom we engaged to help us with our first home renovation. Out of the many IDs we’ve met, only she came across as truly passionate about her work and we wanted to work with someone who would be as excited as us. More importantly, we wanted someone who would appreciate and care about the little details that go into the process of designing a home – from picking the colours, materials etc. to the technical aspects of home renovation. She was also able to raise considerations that showcased her knowledge and expertise, which we thought was rare for someone who has a keen sense of design.

We also did not have a particular theme in mind, but wanted our home to eventually reflect us as unique individuals – Lixuan was able to help us weave that in the design of our home, which made us realise how important it was to have an ID who would prioritise that over getting it to fit a certain theme.

Because of the pandemic, we inevitably faced some challenges with the timeline and project schedules – everything didn’t go as planned, but we appreciate how Lixuan was eventually able to make up for it with her meticulousness.

Beyond her role as an interior designer, she was able to provide practical tips and considerations that also reflected her experience. What makes her stand out is the level of care and pride she takes in her projects.

Would recommend if you’re looking for someone whom you want to co create a creative space/your first home with!